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how to make rap beats


From: Mike Min (Author - Beats Method)

Dear Friend,

  • Do you want to learn how to make your own rap beats?
  • Do you have little to no experience in making rap beats and want to learn how to do it?
  • Do you want to one day create your beats to make your own music?
  • Do you want to make rap beats to become the best hip hop producer/DJ you can be in the future?
  • Do you want a step-by-step blueprint on how to become a great hip hop producer/DJ?

If you said YES, then this letter might be the MOST important letter you may have read in a long time.

Here's the reason why...

As the author of several hip hop guides, I have met many aspiring DJ's and great hip hop producers who have had great talent for making rap beats.

Throughout those years, I have done lots of interviews and research to find out what works and what doesn't work to create amazingly sounding rap beats.

Here Are Some Interesting Insider Facts...

Myth #1:  Hard work is everything.

A lot of people think they just have to work harder and harder to improve their skill as a hip hop producer.  And I have met many aspiring hip hop DJ's who have worked hard for years and have yet to create any impressive rap beats.

On the other hand, I have also met lazy guys who had access to learning from the pros.  Just by learning from the great hip hop producers, the lazy guys were able to quickly improve their skills MUCH faster than the hard working guys.

It's really not about how hard you work.  It's more about who you learn from.  And I have found out that learning from real professional DJ's and producers is the BEST way to learn how to make rap beats.

But talent is NOT enough...

That's right.  Talent is not enough to make great rap beats.  That's because I have met a lot of talentless people who created amazing rap instrumentals just by modeling after the successful producers and DJ's of hip hop.

Myth #2:  You need expensive equipment to make rap beats.

Throughout my years of research, I found it very interesting to find that most great rap beats and instrumentals were made from very affordable softwares that any person could easily get.

You do not need expensive software or overpriced equipments to make rap beats.  That was one of the most interesting findings that I discovered.

In fact, you just need a computer and you are ready to make some amazing sounding rap beats.  And these days, there are softwares that you can use to create beats and instrumentals that sound as if it was created in a professional studio.

Myth #3:  You need to be experienced to make great rap beats.

This is the biggest myth I have heard.  In fact, many guys feel that they don't have the experience or the talent to make rap beats.

But that is not true.  In fact, I have learned that even beginners who have ZERO experience can quickly make impressive rap beats that sound professional, unique, and powerful.

The secret is to follow a step-by-step system showing you how to do it and once you follow the steps, you can be on your way to create rap beats that sound amazing regardless of your experience.

In fact, it is very easy to create rap beats once you learn from someone who shows you the entire process in a step-by-step way.

...As you can see, these 3 myths are just myths.  In fact, many hip hop DJ's want you to believe in these myths so they can work on becoming a great DJ while you don't do anything at home.

That's right! 

Most DJ's Secretly Want You To Fail...

That's because that will be competition to them.  The secret will be out that it's actually quite easy to make rap beats and instrumentals.

...So if you have been thinking and wanting to make rap beats for the longest time, you need to get off your butt and make the decision to make the rap beats.

Now like I said before, it is hard to make rap beats if try to learn it all by yourself.

But if you learn from the pros, then you jump-start your success because:

  • You will save years of wasted time by trying to learn all by yourself.
  • You will never have to make mistakes that most amateur newbies make.
  • You will jump-start your success because you will know the shortcut secrets to make great rap beats.
  • You will save yourself from time, money, and wasted energy on making mistakes because you will instantly learn the "To Do's" and "Not To Do's" for making great rap beats.

After years of meeting lots of underground hip hop artists including DJ's, producers, MC's, professional musicians, and even music Ph D's, I compiled all of their rap beat making tips.

These tips have been structured in a step-by-step format to teach any beginner and newbie to quickly be on their way to making amazing rap beats that people love to listen to.

...And all of these secrets are in my new "Beats Method" course.

Here's What You Will Receive...

how to make rap beats
"Beats Method" eBook

  • Become the most recognized rap beats DJ & hip hop producer in your school, work, and field.
  • Get to show off your music to your friends, peers, and girls by putting it up on MySpace, Facebook, and other websites.
  • Get invited at more parties because of your rap beat making skills.
  • Be considered the best rap DJ amongst your friends and social circle.
  • You will be the center of attention and get looks of awe by all the popular kids including the hot girls because of your new skills in making rap beats.
  • Form faster friendship and networks with other hip hop MC's, DJ's, and producers in the music industry because of your new rap beat making skills.
  • Enjoy girls who rejected you in the past now want to get with you because you will be one of the coolest DJ's in town.
  • Have others respect and recognize you as a cool hip hop producer.
  • Finally impress your family and finally get them to take you seriously for your dreams and aspirations to be a serious hip hop artist.
  • Learn a step-by-step & easy to follow method on how to make rap beats.
  • Find out the best recommended softwares to use to create rap beats in an affordable way.
  • Learn insider secrets on how to make rap beats that sound unique and original.
  • Find out great and affordable hardwares to create amazing rap instrumentals.
  • Learn the best softwares to use to make rap beats.
  • Discover how to make your own beats.
  • Find out how to use samples to make your own hip hop instrumentals
  • Learn what drum style and set to use to make your hip hop beats sounds more professional.
  • How to sequence your beats so it sounds like a rap beat made from a professional studio.
  • Learn how to use a keyboard like a pro even though you have absolutely no experience in the past.
  • How to burn your beats into a CD so you can hand it out to other hip hop artists and make money as well.
  • And much more...

As you can see, you will get everything you need to know about how to make rap beats in the "Beats Method" course even though you may be a complete beginner right now.

A few months from now, you will look back on this day and feel the sense of pride, achievement, and power of being on your way of becoming a great hip hop producer.

You will no longer be known as the guy who makes rap beats.  Instead with this system, you will be on your way to be labeled as the best hip hop "producer" in your town.

In addition, all the people around you will keep mentioning your name so that other rappers, DJ's, producers, and even record label CEO's will have a better chance to hear about you more and more.

...Again, you can jump start your success to make great rap beats and become a serious hip hop producer if you get the "Beats Method" course now.

So now the question is "How much is it?"

So How Much?

Well, my personal coaching costs $100 per hour.  It has taken me at least 50 hours to create this course not to mention also the many years of meeting, interviewing, and studying from the best of the best underground hip hop song writers.

So minimum it would literally cost $100 x 50 hours = $5,000.

But because my course is now delivered digitally through my website as a downloadable product, I have been able to save up a lot on my business fees.  That's why I want to share that saving with you as well.

So it won't cost $5,000.

Not even $1,000!
Not even $500!
Not even $300!
Not even $100!

Your Price = Only $19.99

Yes!  The "Beats Method" course (which contains everything that I have learned from great underground hip hop producers, DJ's, and even music major Ph. D's on how to make rap beats) is available right now to you for a very low one time price of $19.99.

...Plus, you have my 100% money back guarantee to insure that you will have full satisfaction with this course.

My 100% Money-Back
Customer Satisfaction Guarantee

Claim your copy today and read every lesson, understand every concept, read every single technique, access any resource.

If you're not completely convinced that the Beats Method is worth the price many times over, then within the first 60 days just let me know and I will give you a full refund and we part as friends.

Mike Min, Author
"Beats Method" Course

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